Nurture the mind and body of your KIDS with YOGA

We teach Yoga as a transformative process. The transformation will not only be on the level of your body but in the way you are.

Benefits of yoga

Yoga improves children’s emotional regulation

Yoga is non-competitive.

Yoga boosts children’s self-esteem

Yoga teaches discipline and reduces impulsivity

Yoga develops children’s strength and flexibility

Yoga enhances children’s concentration and memory

Yoga is a gift to humanity, and should start early in life so the practitioner can reap the lifelong benefits of this ancient practice. The personality of an individual is shaped through interactions with the environment and the people around them. Child temperament is one of the most prominent genetic factors that shapes a child’s personality. Temperamental traits begin in early childhood and will be stabilized across time and it is the basic element for later personality development. 

Millions around the world pursue this practice regularly. But yoga isn’t only for adults. Yoga practice should ideally begin at an early age, so kids can grow into a well-rounded individual and not come to yoga to fix issues with their body and mind later in life.

They have to keep up with the growing competition in schools and colleges, deal with peer pressure and the difficult stage of puberty, stay involved in extracurricular activities and meet their parents and teachers’ expectations. For a kid, this is a lot to handle.

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About yogsatyam

Our organisation focuses on two sections as the name is. Yog refers to Yoga and Satyam refers to Swan Hamsa (हंस in Sanskrit). Swans possess a purity, beauty, and elegance that have long inspired saints, sages, and poets. They are revered in Vedic scripture, representing the human soul as well as the quality of discernment.

As the swan stretches its neck in image 12, I am reminded of humility and fearlessness. The velvety texture and effulgence of the feathers reminds me of purity. I, too, wish to be like the swan, buoyant with virtues and floating easefully on the calm lake of oneness with the Self.